What is MedBiz Innovations?

In order for a person to reach their full potential, they should surround themselves with friends who will lead them to broaden their perspective of how they perceive the world. The best way to achieve this is by creating interdisciplinary communities that bring together passionate people with different backgrounds. The mission of MedBiz Innovations is to connect students from medical, technology, business, and scientific fields. Our goal is to support the development and commercialization of the most innovative business ideas. We are creating an international student hub, which is a non-profit activity. At the moment we are running 3 projects - MedBiz Innovations Program, MedBiz Innovations Academy and the Innovations Platform. our medtech program is supported by the best experts and specialists in Poland.

Diversity is the key to success

Behind every project, there is a team of people!

What limits today's students is constantly staying in an environment of people with similar education and a one-way model of behavior. As a result, despite a high level of education in Poland, many innovative ideas for one's own start-up or company remain a pipe dream. Multidisciplinary teams mean more creativity and a chance to look at an issue from different angles.

Thanks to MedBiz Innovations you can get a chance to develop your idea and look at it from 4 different perspectives:

Science and tech

Even the best idea can'tcome true if... it simply doesn't work! Successful solutions in the MedTech market require technical, analytical thinking, which is why a technology perspective is so important.

Business and investment

A good business plan or a business strategy can save an average project, and an average business plan or strategy can sink even the best of ideas. Understanding the business side is key to successfully developing your project.


The medical perspective is fundamental when developing innovations in the MedTech sector. First, it enables you to better understand the realities in the healthcare industry. Second, it allows you to understand the growth direction of medicine as a field to align the right technology solutions and business strategy.


Appropriate knowledeg and legalsupport is particularly important in the early phase of project development. That is why we pay so much attention to academic cooperation with leading universities in Poland.

Od projektu studenckiego do międzynarodowego hubu

Why more than 80% of startups fail?

The analysis from the Centre for the Development of Small and Medium Enterprises (PARP) titled "Startups in Poland - Report 2019" clearly shows that almost half of startups' problems have their roots in a poorly assembled team. Moreover, it was shown that 40% of people who want to start a business do not decide to set up their own company because: they don't have the skills to organize and manage a business; they don't have the industry knowledge and expertise; or they don't have an idea for a business. Interdisciplinarity can help with that!

We want to connect students from various disciplines so that they can think non-linearly and more critically. We want to break the usual patterns and let ideas come from unknown directions. There is an unprecedented energy of innovation in interdisciplinarity - MedBiz is only there to release it.

Kacper Raciborski, Deputy CEO of MedBiz Innovations

Above all, MedBiz brings people together - people from different majors, backgrounds, and countries - and gives them the tools to realize extraordinary ideas, together.

Jakub Borowy, CEO of MedBiz Innovations

Interdisciplinarity also means diversity. We create a space for people from different backgrounds to meet - everyone sees the world in a different way, and this allows us to approach the same problem from different angles. It is a great pleasure for me to be able to observe projects that will soon change the global MedTech market.

Nina Badura, COO and Head of IT

Honorary Patronages

Our mission is to build interdisciplinary collaboration both between individual students and larger teams. MedBiz mentoring program was created with the support of many international companies, government institutions, and Venture Capital funds. Our Honorary Patrons include: the European Parliament, City of Warsaw, Supreme Medical Chamber of Poland and the top Polish universities.

Students from top Polish universities

Partners' support

The most innovative student hub in the country is supported by multiple brands, such as: Perlan Technologies, the National Medicines Institute, ADAMED Group, Geneme, Amazon Web Services, ALAB laboratories or Invento Capital. The portfolio of companies and institutions cooperating with us is constantly growing with partners related to the MedTech market, pharmaceutical companies, biomedical startups and corporations. More organizations and companies supporting us can be found here.

In the news!

Information about our initiative can be found on various industry and news websites. MedBiz Innovations has been covered under the media patronage of: Rzeczpospolita, Business Insider, Perspektywy, Eurostudent, Leaders of Innovation, Medtube and Women in Tech. You will also read about us in the Forbes magazine! Other news portals and newspapers supporting us can be found here. Get to know us better at:

Business Insider
Liderzy Innowacyjności, Dzinnik Gazeta Prawna
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